J.J. Whitley Artisanal Vodka

Storbritannia, London

Type: Brennevin, Vodka
Produsent: J.J. Whitley

Om produsenten:

John James Whitley developed a curiosity for finding fine ingredients from a young age. Indeed, in his formative years at Chester Road, he spent days exploring expansive gardens and natural hedgerows for wild vegetation while living among the Daresbury countryside. This inherent love for nature would underpin his life as a master distiller.

To this day, John’s thirst for original flavour combinations and unique infusions lives on in the JJ Whitley name. It is this same endeavour that spurred his great-grandson, Johnny Neill, to create the award-winning Whitley Neill Gin brand in 2005. And why we continue to travel the world in pursuit of palate perfection.

Om produktet:

JJ Whitley Artisanal Vodka is crafted using the finest winter wheat and water, drawn from our artesian wells (160 metres deep). From here, we take the naturally soft water and pass it through four stages of filtration, ensuring it is perfectly balanced and ready for distillation. The final production stage is the resting period—a time where our vodka is placed in a blend-conditioning unit until it develops that famous silky-smooth taste.

Detaljert informasjon



An authentic vodka with warming spices and a velvety-smooth texture.


Emballasje Glassflaske
Antall per kasse 6
Størrelse 700 ml
Alkohol 38 %

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  • Cocktail

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Vectura nr 162997
EPD nr 5987243


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