La Gelsomina Etna Bianco DOC

Italia, Sicilia

Klassifikasjon: DOC
Type: Hvitvin,
Produsent: Tenute Orestiadi

Om produsenten:

This is the beginning of the story of Tenute Orestiadi, born in 2008 in the heart of the Belice Valley, in Gibellina, Sicily, where perfumes and Mediterranean colors intertwine with myth and art. After the 1968 Belice earthquake, the entire valley became the center of cultural exchange and dialogue for the Mediterranean area, transforming the arduous times into energy after a historically and economically complex moment.

Om produktet:

The minerality of Etna wines emerges in this Etna Bianco from Carricante and Catarratto. An engaging, exciting, delicate but at the same time decisive wine, able to express its territory from the very first sip.

Detaljert informasjon


Farge Straw yellow with light golden reflections
Duft Hints of white fruit and jasmine flowers, with light note of citrus

On the palate it's fresh, refreshing and harmonious.


Emballasje Glassflaske
Antall per kasse 6
Størrelse 750 ml
Alkohol 13 %
Holdbarhet Drikkeklar nå, men kan også lagres

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Vectura nr 154624
EPD nr 5535984
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